CADME(Coastal Area Disaster Mitigation Efforts)

India is a country that has suffered the most from the adverse effects of severe cyclones, floods and drought. It is estimated that about 44% of India’s total territory are vulnerable to tropical storms, floods and related hazards while the coastal belt is even more vulnerable to natural disasters and state’s population is compounded by the recurrent impact of disasters.


CADME is a network of 40 organizations based in all the coastal districts of India and working together on disaster preparedness integrating with ongoing developmental activities. Nine coastal districts are very much vulnerable to multiple disasters specifically to tropical cy¬clones. tidal waves and recurrent floods. Keeping in view of the impending disaster occurrence, 40 organizations which have been working in their respective areas for the past few years come together and floated this NETWORK to establish village level task force groups to combat the disaster situation and to help their co-villagers in pre during and post disaster situations.


  • To create awareness on issues related to disasters and development and capacitate the communites living in the areas vulnerable to disasters.
  • To organize and prepare the people to initiate action at the community level to mitigate the impacts of disasters.
  • To develop a cadre of task force with in the vulnerable communities with knowledge and skills to perform in the event of disaster.
  • To develop a resource base for collection and dissemination of information pertaining to vul¬nerable areas and disasters in the coastal area.
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