• Assure protection to vulnerable communities and school going children through trained task force actions and preparatory measures in order to mitigate the loss in disaster times which occur at regular intervals.
  • Assure safe evacuation of vulnerable communities and school going children through pre-planned contingency plans and school safety nets.
  • Ensure timely relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction/ to the victims of disasters.
  • Collective action brings normalcy in the community and schools aftermath of any disaster.
  • Reduce the dependency on outside resources
  • To create awareness on issues related to disasters and development and capacitate the communites living in the areas vulnerable to disasters.
  • To organize and prepare the people to initiate action at the community level to mitigate the impacts of disasters.
  • To develop a cadre of task force with in the vulnerable communities with knowledge and skills to perform in the event of disaster.
  • To develop a resource base for collection and dissemination of information pertaining to vul¬¨nerable areas and disasters in the coastal area.
  • To promote Gender equity in addressing disaster concerns.
  • To coordinate with NGO's and Govt., agencies and develop mechanism for collaboration and cooperation to address the issues related to disasters.
  • To document and disseminate experience in disaster preparedness and response in the event of disasters.
  • To develop a training and resource centre for capacitating representatives of communities, NGOs and Government.
  • To develop linkages with various institutions working for the disaster management.
  • To mobilize resources to achieve the objectives of the organization.

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